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Tamil Class Registration
for 2023-2024 

Arivakam Tamil Students Spelling Competition

 Empowering North American Tamil Youth From Preschool To Grade 8 Through Education

Why Join Arivakam?

Arivakam Tamil Cultural Academy  is a leading non-profit Tamil educational institution with schools across North America, teaching students about Tamil language, arts, history and heritage since 2008.

Tamil Student Bharatiyar Drama


Growing up in North America, your children may face confusion or a disconnection from their roots. Arivakam was built for children to learn and experience what it means to be Tamil.


From the Tamil language, arts, history, heritage and traditions, we focus on teaching students the different aspects of our Tamil roots.


It is never too late to start! We welcome students to begin their Tamil education from any level and any age within 4-14 years old.

Canadian Tamil Students Learning Tamil

Well-Rounded Tamil Education

At Arivakam, learning is not just language based. We strive to ensure our students develop an understanding for the Tamil Way of Life through learning important life skills like critical thinking, teamwork, leadership, public speaking, creativity, and social responsibility. 


Our schools use the international Tamil diaspora curriculum to teach: language, history, arts and heritage to our students, along with a variety of other initiatives from: speech competitions, art competitions, Vaakai talent-showcasing program, student exhibitions, cultural celebrations, and other workshops and events.

Volunteer with the Tamil Community


It is one thing to learn Tamil. Is it another thing to experience Tamil. 


Yearly we work to host many events and activities for students, parents and teachers to enjoy. As we grow our Arivakam community, we are adding new educational, cultural and social initiatives. 


Over the past 15 years, Arivakam has built a strong relationship within not just the Tamil community but the greater North American as well. We are grateful for the support from various communities and organizations for sponsoring and partnering with us on workshops and events.

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Tamil Schools

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We have schools in the following locations: 

Downtown Toronto, ON - North York, ON, - Scarborough, ON - Markham, ON - Ajax, ON - Whitby, ON - Stouffville, ON  - Oshawa, ON - Brampton, ON - Mississauga, ON - Windsor, ON - Ottawa, ON - Milton, ON  Bowmanville, ON - Alliston, ON, - Kleinburg, ON - Etobicoke, ON - Vaughan, ON - Richmondhill, ON - Pickering, ON - Newcastle, ON - Beaverton, ON - Guelph, ON - Courtice, ON - Hamilton, ON - London, ON Cornwall, ON - Bradford, ON - Burlington, ON - Montreal, QC - Laval, QC - Edmonton, AB - Calgary, AB - Winnipeg, MB - Saskatoon, SK - Victoria, BC - Vancouver, BC - Pittsburgh, PEN - New Jersey, USA

Don't see your city listed here?

Contact us for more school locations.

Our Community


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

When Do Your Classes Take Place? 


Class times depend on which school you join.

Our classes can take place in the evenings during weekdays, or mornings, afternoons or evenings on weekends.

My Child Did Not Learn Tamil When They Were Younger, Can They Still Join? 


Yes! We accept students from preschool to grade 8. 


Students will be evaluated by their teacher on the first day to see their grade level.

For students who are beginning their Tamil education at an older age, we have beginner friendly books.

How Can I Check The Progress Of My Child?


We hold Parent Teacher Conferences to ensure parents are up to date with their child’s progress in our schools. 


If you have questions about your child’s progress you can contact your students' teacher or our head office anytime. 

Do You Have Online Classes?


Yes, we offer in-person and online classes. 

I Feel My Child Needs More Support In Class.

If you notice your child is experiencing difficulty, please contact us so we can see how to best support your child.

Can I Change My Child’s School? 

Yes. If you would like to change your child's school please contact our head office

Do You Have Training For Your Teachers? 


Yes! We have seminars and training for our teachers with topics ranging from: Tamil, teaching and technology. 

How Do I Become A Teacher At Arivakam?


Please click here to register to become a teacher and our head office will contact you.

When Do Your Workshops, Exams, Events And Competitions Take Place? 


You can find important dates in your child’s agenda, as well as “Upcoming Events” section on our website. 

How Do I Register My Child For Tamil School?


Click here to complete the student registration form. Once the form is complete, our head office will contact you.

Do You Offer Adult Tamil Classes?


No. Arivakam’s focus is teaching students preschool to grade 8.

Contact Us

#105 - 705 Progress Ave.

Scarborough, ON M1H 2X1


Tel. 416-849-9890 | Fax. 416-613-1890

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