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Tamil Children

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Tamil kids need you!


Why Teach With Arivakam?

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Flexible Work Hours: You can teach 1 day a week or 5 days a week


Leadership Opportunities: We have the option for our teachers to start their own school and becoming a principal 


International Tamil Diaspora Curriculum: At Arivakam we use the international curriculum made for diaspora youth which includes standardized exams and textbooks  


Training And Seminars: Yearly, we have educational seminars for our teachers. We also provide interactive learning and technology training to use in the classroom. 


Cultural Events, Programs And Workshops: We want our students to experience what it means to be Tamil. Therefore, we have many events, programs and workshops throughout the year.


Community And Connection: We have a network of over 350+ teachers across North America who often become great friends! We also work to partner with organizations to provide discounts for our teachers

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